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RuneScape - The first time I encounter a new boss

Posted by: MMOgrfy on 02/21/2022 02:41 AM

People stop and stare at them as if they're thinking "OMG! Look at that silly noob who is smacking that bear with only his hands and with no armor! What a fool!" In the end, I wanted to know how to get different places. I like exploringand occasionally. I wasn't looking to go to the barrows as such, but how to get past that dog that guards that tunnel that runs beneath the temple so that I can discover everything to the east Varrock.

The first time I encounter a new boss, I'm totally depleted so I'm not risking anything, but I'm aware of the possibility to have my head given to me. So, I got past the dog through Priest In Peril, but now I need to get my crafting level up to 25 , so I can get through Burgh de Rott and continue east. According to the map available in the game it appears that there is a large city located to the east of Burgh de Rott.

To test your combat skill You must kill the button by using 2 swords, (one that has different atk types). Then, you see your level of combat written on it. Also ur cb lvl would be in the region of 30 or so, I'm guessing.. Barrows is where you kill 2 lvl 95s, and 4 lvl 115s..

In the absence of at least lvl70plus stats, barrows won't be the best option... You could easily require more than one amount of prayer pots and food just to survive 1 of the 6 brothers... Which is just awful... Also every high level player needs the prayer lvl43, which must be the primary priority at this point... The cost shouldn't be 300k if you're gold-plating (not burial) massive bones.

And omg, Ah! I was even tempted to become a Mage I was a bit frightened.. However, i ended up getting melee higher... Most likely because Mage is not the best choice for combat other than if you're on an old spellbook with very powerful spells. However, they cost about 1k to cast. Furthermore, melee simply rules!

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