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It's about algid for us

Posted by: francismake on 09/07/2016 03:07 AM

"It's about algid for us, with the wind," said Roy Krishna with a arch smile during an complete annual with gameshop4u amidst ablaze Brazilian sunshine. "At home in Fiji it's a lot warmer."Krishna and his team-mates able for a Men's Olympic Football Affray for the aboriginal time afterwards six bootless attempts, authoritative the South Pacific islanders' contentment all the greater now.

"It's a dream appear authentic for us," Krishna said. "We commonly watch the Olympic Abecedarian on television and we didn't apperceive they're that big. You alone acquisition that out if you acquaintance it for yourself. The boys are in actuality aflame and happy. Nobody could beddy-bye the night afore we flew from Fiji to appear here. We all had collywobbles in our stomachs. We're actual appreciative and it's an honour to be here."

However, their aboriginal airing on the big date did not in actuality go according to plan, as they were brushed abreast 8-0 by Korea Republic. Nevertheless, the newcomers thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere in the stadium, with loud shouts of "Fiji, Fiji" consistently campanology from the stands at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador.

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Topic: Example Topic 3


Added by wlpwlp
December 17, 2016

The wreck, even to my unpractised eye, was breaking up. I saw thatshe was parting in the middle, and that the life of the solitaryman upon the mast hung by a thread. Still, he clung to it. He hada singular red cap on, - not like a sailor's cap, but of a finercolour; and as the few yielding planks between him and destructionrolled and bulged, and his anticipative death-knell rung, he wasseen by all of us to wave it. I saw him do it now, and thought Iwas going distracted, when his action brought an old remembrance tomy mind of a once dear friend.

Ham watched the sea, standing alone, with the silence of suspendedbreath behind him, and the storm before, until there was a greatretiring wave, when, with a backward glance at those who held therope which was made fast round his body, he dashed in after it, andin a moment was buffeting with the water; rising with the hills,falling with the valleys, lost beneath the foam; then drawn againto land. They hauled in hastily.

He was hurt. I saw blood on his face, from where I stood; but hetook no thought of that. He seemed hurriedly to give them somedirections for leaving him more free - or so I judged from themotion of his arm - and was gone as before.

And now he made for the wreck, rising with the hills, falling withthe valleys, lost beneath the rugged foam, borne in towards theshore, borne on towards the ship, striving hard and valiantly. Thedistance was nothing, but the power of the sea and wind made thestrife deadly. At length he neared the wreck. He was so near,that with one more of his vigorous strokes he would be clinging toit, - when a high, green, vast hill-side of water, moving onshoreward, from beyond the ship, he seemed to leap up into it witha mighty bound, and the ship was gone!

Some eddying fragments I saw in the sea, as if a mere cask had beenbroken, in running to the spot where they were hauling in.Consternation was in every face. They drew him to my very feet -insensible - dead. He was carried to the nearest house; and, noone preventing me now, I remained near him, busy, while every meansof restoration were tried; but he had been beaten to death by thegreat wave, and his generous heart was stilled for ever.

As I sat beside the bed, when hope was abandoned and all was done,a fisherman, who had known me when Emily and I were children, andever since, whispered my name at the door.

'Sir,' said he, with tears starting to his weather-beaten face,which, with his trembling lips, was ashy pale, 'will you come overyonder?'
Added by dongdong8
March 1, 2017
Added by riya123
2 weeks ago

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