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Buy a Canadian Residence Permit

Posted by: ktravelhome on 11/09/2021 04:18 AM

Learn how to buy Canadian residence permit
You are here because you are living in or hoping to pursue Canadian PR status. For this, you need the best option which will take care of your needs. So if you want to buy Canadian residence permit, contact Ktravel Home for Canadian PR, have welcomed companies with the valid companies resolutions papers. Read this for more information.

Evidential permit for Canada
We can help you to acquire reputable documents, for example certified degree online and transcript, Quebec evolve degree and transcript. As well as bogus degree such as Yenisei University certification and so on. Visit our company's website to get the genuine certificates.

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How to check if you are eligible for a resident permit?
You are only eligible to apply if you make at least CA$ 30000 per year or if you had made this amount of money every year for the past two years. Before submitting your application, make sure that you have had no criminal prosecution for any offenses including; murder; attempt of murder; manslaughter; sexual assault, sentence for which is at least 10 years imprisonment.

Where to apply for Canada residence document?
You can apply for a Canadian Permanent Residence Permit in three different ways, all of which have plenty of benefits. The Express Entry system is the fastest and easiest method for foreigners because it operates on a point system base to rank each candidate based on the skilled, educated, and trained they are. The other methods that you can pursue include applying from within Canada via Occupations in Demand, or by applying from outside the country because you have particular skills that are needed.

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