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Posted by: qizhen0809 on 11/09/2018 07:34 AM

<p>The raw material used in production is pvc. The finished color is generally white and gray. Of course, many manufacturers can also produce colored pvc sheets. We can choose the corresponding color according to our own needs. The cross section of the pvc sheet is a honeycomb-like mesh structure, so its stability is good. Pvc sheet is an excellent thermoformed material <a href="">building a flat deck on a stoop Spain</a> that can replace some stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification treatment equipment, environmental protection equipment</p><p> mining, medicine, electronics, communication and decoration industries. . Pvc sheet is good. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of material is that it is light in weight and easy to construct. It has good waterproof <a href="">pvc wood price in thailand</a> and moisture resistance, good scrub resistance and durability. If the pvc sheet is damaged, it is convenient to replace it. Remove one end first, then pull the plate out of the bead block by block, replace the damaged plate with a new plate, and then re-install the pressed bead; pvc plate has long service life, affordable price, wide range of use and is Use a lot. However, its shortcoming is that the pvc sheet has poor <a href="">outdoor wooden bench supplier Norway</a> high temperature resistance and is prone to deformation in a high temperature environment.</p>

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