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The difference between brick and porcelain

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 10/22/2018 10:10 PM

<p>The essence of porcelain is a kind of sheet, which is generally used for the decoration of the wall. It does not directly contact the blank wall, but maintains a corresponding distance <a href="">can grills be used on brank deck</a> from the wall. The tile itself also has good decorative characteristics, but in the form of a rectangular block, it is completely different from the tile; when the tile is constructed, it needs to be fixed with cement and completely conformed to the wall through the cement. In terms of thickness, tiles and <a href="">composite deck boards for boat docks</a> tiles are also very different. </p><p>The thickness of the tile is very thin, much smaller than the thickness of the tile, and the component feels very light; relatively speaking, the tile is thicker and has a heavy component. Because of this, the method of paving them is completely different. If the tile is tiled with ceramics, it will fall off the wall immediately; while the tile is tiled, basically its unique beauty is not. There is also a big difference <a href="">deck estimate calculator cost Indonesia</a> in the slip resistance between tiles and tiles.</p>

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