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Bamboo flooring maintenance

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 11/05/2018 05:59 AM

<P>Simple and easy, no bother, good maintenance These can be said to be synonymous with strengthening the floor, because of its wear-resistant, rich style, impact resistance, deformation characteristics of the floor has been a lot of people like, but relative to the solid wood floor maintenance , Strengthen the maintenance of the floor and it is still different, and can not be in accordance with the standards of solid wood flooring for maintenance.</P>
<P>It's common sense that the floor needs waxing. However, this is a serious misunderstanding of laminate flooring, laminate flooring does not require waxing and paint, should not be polished with sandpaper. Because the laminate flooring is different from the solid wood flooring, its surface has always been relatively smooth, the brightness is better, waxing but would superfluous, self-defeating.</P>
<P>Many consumers of stain treatment there are misunderstandings, especially for local oil, alkaline or soap with such strong alkali cleaning substances decontamination stronger, it is totally incorrect, if the floor with grease and stains, Should pay attention to promptly removed, you can use household soft neutral detergent to warm water for processing, the best use of the floor with a dedicated floor cleaning and cleaning solution to clean. So as not to corrode the surface of other materials, affecting the overall effect.</P>

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