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Floor "summer" Raiders

Posted by: qizhen0809 on 02/10/2018 12:38 AM

<P>To avoid the wooden floor in the wet season in the humid air expansion, deformation, arch, consumers first in the purchase floor should be a good first pass. The scientific design of the material and structure of high-quality wood flooring can effectively prevent the floor expansion deformation caused by wet weather. For example, three-layer solid wood flooring, the top layer of hard wood with a very good anti-wear; the middle and bottom are made of soft texture and strong water absorption of softwood. Due to their good moisture absorption, these softwoods greatly reduce the burden on the surface timber, allowing the wood surface to remain firm, stable and beautiful throughout the rainy season.</P>
<P>Moisture-proof maintenance of the wooden floor, in addition to simple and timely close the window, often ventilated, there are two more professional methods: First, do more waxing care. Should be six months or once a year to play a wax, so you can make the wood floor to avoid the invasion of moisture during the rainy season, so as to achieve the purpose of extending life expectancy. In addition, if the home is laying solid wood flooring, but also consider the surface with a layer of transparent varnish, but varnish coating process requirements are extremely high, if the construction team is not meticulous, it may play a counter-productive effect.</P>
<P>Second, the surface paved moisture-proof film. Today, the market has been specialized in the sale of wood surface moisture-proof film, which is designed for wood flooring moisture-resistant film can be applied to the surface of the wood flooring, wood floors to prevent damp surface effect. In addition, usually when nursing wood flooring should also be careful not to let moisture infiltrate the wooden floor. Such as mop the floor when the mop to wring dry. When found on the surface of wooden floor moldy time, in a timely manner with a gentle bleach water to 1: 3 dilution ratio of mixed wipe, and then rag clean.</P> "<a href=''>cheapest patio floor indiana</a>,<a href=''>build bench seat wth block and wood</a>,<a href=''>rubber covering boat</a>"

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