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You're able to sail into any waters in OSRS gold

Posted by: Kingang on 04/21/2021 02:32 AM

The experience then remembers the useful Varrock Librarian and heads there to talk to him. I am trying to find a book call Fairy Tales, have you ever heard of it? Hmmm, I heard a desert person speaking about that novel once, it was ages ago, but if you find him, he may have the ability to provide help. And his title?

The Adventurer then heads into the bedabin camp where he/she remembers beginning the Desert Trasure Quest. Well, I'm not, I was wondering have you ever heard of a book named Fairy Tales? Oh yes, I'd it not long ago, but I had to sell it in order to buy water. Who did you sell it . Ali Morison. I was afraid you would say that

Would you be intersted in buying anything? Option 1: Option 2: No, Option 3: I don't understand. Choice 3 outcomes: Exactly what are you searching for? A book named Fairy Tales. If I'd know you desired it Adventurer I wouldn't have sold it to this mysterious old guy. Mysterious Old guy? Yes, even an odd fellow who apparently has a likeing for books, and strange things he finds around runescape. I believe he lives in Draynor

The Adventurer head to Wise Old Man. Oh Bogget, I seem to have dropped my pet dragon. You pet. . .what? My pet monster, he was just here a moment ago. . .can you find him for me? Choice one: If I do will you inform me about the book Fairy Tales Opion 2: No way! That book. . .oh yes I have it here somewhere, I'll deffinity let you have a glimpse at it in case you find my pet dragon. Option 1: Very well Choice 2: No Way!

Check out for more details.

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