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At the 2012 school ceremony

Posted by: ylq on 10/29/2018 09:15 PM

At the 2012 school ceremony, the principal solemnly announced: "On July 20th, everyone will return to school because there will be teachers from all over the world coming to teach." Once everyone heard the news, they The various things are discussed below: "Ah! It��s so annoying []Cigarette Online[/url], I finally hoped for the summer vacation, I can have a good time, and I have to go back to school." "That is, really annoying!" "555, I can still I have to learn dance, I can��t learn this time.�� ��Yeah, I also think that it��s hard to learn when you are not on winter vacation.�� The principal seemed to hear the discussion from the students, and said: ��Students Don't feel dissatisfied. Those big brothers and sisters are all "skilled" []Online Cigarettes[/url]. If students want to learn anything, they can let them teach you. They will bring some sports equipment to give you sports. "The principal's words made the students look forward to it."0 is over. "Mom, hurry up, or I won't be able to catch up with the afternoon class" (I am not at home). At two o'clock in the afternoon, I returned to the sea. On the way home, the classmates saw me and called me: "Xiaohuan." I stopped to go home and walked over: "Fang Jie, is this fun this morning?" "Well, of course, fun, guess what the name of our class teacher is? There are two. "I know, I I will not go to class in the morning. "Oh, oh, our class teacher is Yang Xiaoyan []Cigarettes Online[/url], and the deputy class teacher called that Li." . . Li Lingling went. When I heard the name of Yang Xiaoyan []Newport Cigarettes Website[/url], I remembered that there was another person in our class called Yang Xiaoyan. "It��s so good. "Oh, we think so too." "Why don't you go to class?" I won't be in class in the afternoon. "Oh, oh oh" "88, then I will go home first." "Well, 88".is Monday. When I got up in the morning, I was grinding and I wanted to go, but I didn��t want to go. I finally got the courage to go. I went to school and saw two teachers in the hallway. I went to the corridor and saw the looks of the two teachers []Newport Cigarettes[/url]. They were tall and short and very beautiful. In class, this section is a language class, and the teacher��s class is a written composition. The teacher first asked the students to say some words about the appearance. Let us write a person in the class and then read it out and let the students guess who it is. After a while, "Is it written?" The students agreed to "write well". We started from the first group, and the students in the group of one, two, and three finished, and went to the fourth group. The classroom was silent, and the teacher asked: "Is there anyone in the fourth group?" No one answered, because in the fourth group, my language scores were the best, and the students "recommended" me. And I, usually do not like to speak, the teacher told me to die, I am not willing to read my out, I just said that I did not write well. After class, the teacher asked me why I didn't read it? I still answer the same answer, I did not write well.

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